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Hyson Green / Nottingham
Home to a variety of cultures with a thriving local economy.

HYSON GREEN is located 1 mile north-west of Nottingham City Centre. The area has changed dramatically in recent years, having shrugged off a once poor reputation and is now home to a variety of cultures with a thriving local economy.

Hyson Green contains one of Nottingham's most exciting shopping centres. Once dominated by boarded-up buildings and seedy shops, Hyson Green now bustles with commercial vibrancy.

It is served by 'Hyson Green Market' tram stop on the Nottingham Express Transit route. The opening of this highly successful tram system has boosted the Centre's profile.

Hyson Green

Situated close by on the Forest Recreation Ground (‘The Forest‘) is a large 'Park and Ride' site and the Forest tram stop. These serve the adjacent City Centre making it a focus for a wider population.

The Forest is also world famous as the site of the annual Nottingham Goose Fair and is locally very important as a venue for sporting and informal leisure activities.

TRANSFORMATION - The EU, Government and local businesses have all invested substantially in modernising the area and transforming Hyson Green into a 21st century shopping area.

There is now genuine pride in the area, evident from the friendly service given to all visitors by shopkeepers and other local business people.

To build on this success, businesses have joined forces and formed the Hyson Green Traders Association which aims to encourage even more people to shop in Hyson Green and more Hyson Green businesses to prosper.

Hyson Green

Revitalised Hyson Green now attracts people from far and wide, drawn by the wide diversity of shops and services.

You can find everything from sarees to salami, carpets to car audio systems, electrical supplies to mobile phones, opticians to air travel and florists to cakemakers.

Elsewhere you can buy furniture, beds and linens, jewellery, Asian fashions, hardware and we even have our own supermarket, ASDA!

ETHNIC DIVERSITY - A food shopping trip to Hyson Green offers you a culinary journey around the world!

Hyson Green

There are Asian groceries, Halal meat suppliers, tantalising sweet and savoury outlets. There are also stores and food markets specialising in African cuisine, Polish meats, Portuguese, Angolan and Spanish delicacies and mini-markets offering tastes from around the world. The wide ranging display of foods ensure that whether you are cooking a traditional Asian curry or a Caribbean fish supper, you will find the right ingredients in Hyson Green. There are shops selling international foodstuffs- the vegetables are picked by specialist greengrocers.

This fascinating journey into diversity does not stop here. Hyson Green also accommodates fabric and fashion retailers whose shops are full of the vibrant colours found in sarees and other garments and shoes. These are authentic, original suppliers whose designs have provided inspiration for a crossover of fashion. The assortment of beautiful fabrics is unique to Nottingham.

SHOPS, CAFES and OUTDOOR MARKET - Hyson Green has numerous cafes where a coffee can be taken whilst the world goes by. Alternatively shoppers can retreat to Pepper's Garden near the ASDA entrance, which has seats and a children's playground area in this small park.

Hyson Green

On Radford Road both right and left, and on Gregory Boulevard, you will find a variety of eating establishments. So if you are feeling peckish why not wander down to sample traditional fish and chips or choose from a vast range of ethnic foods? You will be surprised at the high quality and low prices.

OUTDOOR MARKET - It is not just stores that make shopping in Hyson Green an inspirational and unique experience.

Hyson Green

A thriving outdoor market is held every Wednesday at the junction of Radford Road and Terrace Street. Here you will find a wide range of quality goods and the freshest of foodstuffs at competitive prices. The close proximity of the Market to the tram stop, bus routes, free public car park and only a two minute walk away from the Forest Park & Ride site, make it easily accessible.

CAR PARKING - Car parking is easy. There are four large secure public car parks and Asda has two large car parks. Additionally there are many shops which have one hour on-street parking outside their doors.

For people without cars there are public transport links with buses to and from Bulwell and the City Centre. The tram also runs through Hyson Green on its way from Hucknall to the City Centre.

All in all we think that a trip to Hyson Green will be a very worthwhile one!